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An undergrad at University of Maryland, College Park. Majoring in math.

After finishing The Sequences at the end of 9th grade, I started following the EA community, changing my career plans to fields which seem like they’d be more aligned with preventing existential threats. I have no precise plans other than ‘keep opportunities open until you figure out where your comparative advantage lies’. Advice on this front is welcome! Just pm me!

I have since helped make the EA Jobs Twitter bot (@effective_jobs), and currently make the Effective Altruism Forum Podcast (https://​​​​ea-forum-podcast).

Nar­ra­tion: Im­prov­ing the EA-al­igned re­search pipeline: Se­quence introduction

D0TheMath27 Jul 2021 0:56 UTC
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Nar­ra­tion: The case against “EA cause ar­eas”

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Nar­ra­tion: We are in triage ev­ery sec­ond of ev­ery day

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