[Question] Can I do an introductory post?

Hello there, I’ve been a near 2-year lurker in the EA com­mu­nity and their ideas. I’ve re­cently joined this fo­rum with the in­ten­tion of post­ing some of my opinions/​ideas on effec­tive al­tru­ism and per­haps be­ing able to in­ter­act with fel­low EAs’. Would it be fine if I could write a post of how I got in­ter­ested into the move­ment and my cur­rent philos­o­phy on EA?

The in­ten­tion of my post is to per­haps see what peo­ple think of my philos­o­phy on effec­tive al­tru­ism.

I also run a blog where, al­though I mainly post about things un­re­lated to EA—mainly com­puter game de­vel­op­ment, I write about cer­tain EA top­ics. I have writ­ten short posts about such top­ics like the long term fu­ture, earn­ing to give and ve­g­anism. In Oc­to­ber 2019 I wrote a more long-form post on why China may be im­por­tant. I have an up­com­ing post about Bit­coin/​crypto-cur­rency and how it could solve poverty to be re­leased later this month.

I’m very ea­ger to hear what EA’s have to say and or crit­i­cize about my posts. And I’m will­ing to hear new ideas that I could ex­plore with my blog posts.

That’s all from me!

UPDATE: I have done a post on it on my blog, I’ve posted one on this fo­rum but I have yet to get a mod­er­a­tor ap­proval as of writ­ing this.

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