Take 80,000 Hours’ Annual Impact Survey

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Briefly, once a year, we at 80,000 Hours ask you to tell us if we’ve helped you have a larger so­cial im­pact.
We and our donors need to know which of our pro­grams are helping peo­ple enough to con­tinue or scale up, and it’s only by hear­ing your sto­ries that we can make these de­ci­sions well.
You can also let us know where we’ve fallen short, which helps us fix prob­lems with our ad­vice.
So, if our pod­cast, job board, ar­ti­cles, ad­vis­ing or other ser­vices have some­how con­tributed to your life or ca­reer plans, please take 3–10 min­utes to let us know how:
We’ve re­freshed the sur­vey this year, hope­fully mak­ing it eas­ier to fill out than in the past.
We’ll keep this ap­peal up for the next week, but it would be great if you could fill it out now so we can start work­ing through your sto­ries.
Thanks so much!
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