Crypto ‘oracle protocols’ for AI alignment with real-world data?

Quick question re. the intersection of EA, AI, and crypto:

Apart from the concept of an ‘AI Oracle’ (from Nick Bostrom), has anyone in EA written about a quite different kind of oracle: oracle protocols (e.g. Chainlink) in the crypto industry? I’m interested in oracle protocols as possible tool for AI systems to get reliably ‘aligned’—not with human values, in this case, but with what’s really going on out there in the real world, through highly reliable, cryptographically secure, consensus-based data inputs.

The concepts of ‘definitive truth’ and ‘cryptographic truth’ from Chainlink founder Sergey Nazarov seem potentially relevant to helping AI systems get reliable, hard-to-fake, high-security input data from real-world sources. A Lex Fridman podcast interview with Nazarov is here. More on this topic here and here.

As epistemically humble folks, the issue of reliable inputs to AI decision-making seems like something we might be concerned about—especially given the very high incentives (financial, military, political, etc) for biasing AI decisions through feeding them false, partial, or misleading data.