[Question] What are the highest impact questions in the behavioral sciences?

If you were able to assign a bunch of social scientists (psychologists, sociologists, political scientists, etc.) to study the most important questions in the world, what questions would you ask?

This post is inspired by the lack of EA relevant academic literature in the behavioral sciences. Excellent exceptions to this rule include work by Lucius Caviola and Stefan Schubert (e.g., “The Many Obstacles to Effective Giving”, http://​​journal.sjdm.org/​​19/​​190810/​​jdm190810.pdf; and “The Psychology of Existential Risk: Moral Judgments about Human Extinction”, https://​​www.nature.com/​​articles/​​s41598-019-50145-9 ). But outside of their work, there seems to be very few people studying human behavior from an EA perspective.

For a few more examples of the kinds of important questions social scientists could be working on, check out this article on why AI Safety research needs more social scientists: https://​​distill.pub/​​2019/​​safety-needs-social-scientists/​​

Personal background: I am a Princeton Psychology PhD student working on projects ranging from neuroimaging to infohazard reduction and promotion of effective giving. I would love to hear what the EA Forum thinks academics should be studying :)