Ozzie Gooen(Ozzie Gooen)

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I’m currently researching forecasting and epistemics as part of the Quantified Uncertainty Research Institute.

Rel­a­tive Value Func­tions: A Flex­ible New For­mat for Value Estimation

Ozzie Gooen18 May 2023 16:39 UTC
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Think­ing of Con­ve­nience as an Eco­nomic Term

Ozzie Gooen5 May 2023 19:09 UTC
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Pa­trick Gruban on Effec­tive Altru­ism Ger­many and Non­profit Boards in EA

Ozzie Gooen5 May 2023 17:23 UTC
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Es­ti­mat­ing Every­thing Every­where Always

Isabel4 May 2023 12:48 UTC
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Owain Evans on LLMs, Truth­ful AI, AI Com­po­si­tion, and More

Ozzie Gooen2 May 2023 1:20 UTC
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Seek­ing ex­per­tise to im­prove EA organizations

Julia_Wise27 Apr 2023 20:00 UTC
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