Official EA Forum Feedback Survey

Hello, Fo­rum users!

I’m part of the CEA team that works on the EA Fo­rum. We’re gath­er­ing feed­back to figure out which changes and im­prove­ments to the Fo­rum (tech­ni­cal and oth­er­wise) we should pri­ori­tize.

Here’s a link to the feed­back sur­vey. Al­most ev­ery ques­tion is op­tional; we’d re­ally love to hear from you, even if you don’t have time to go into de­tail!

You’re also wel­come to share feed­back in the com­ments on this post, or to send me an email.

Whether you’ve been us­ing the Fo­rum since 2014 or you made your ac­count last week, please con­sider tak­ing the sur­vey! In do­ing so, you’ll help to im­prove your own ex­pe­rience, and that of ev­ery other user on the Fo­rum.