[Question] Should EA Use Gamification for Fundraising/​Volunteering?

I cre­ate gam­ified cam­paigns for char­i­ties and non­prof­its, and I wanted to pose this ques­tion to the EA com­mu­nity! Gam­ifi­ca­tion isn’t a game/​app as such. It’s a mar­ket­ing sys­tem which re­duces work­load for man­agers by hav­ing feed­back loops re­place man­ager-to-donor/​vol­un­teer in­ter­ac­tions. The most suc­cess­ful ex­am­ples are lead ei­ther with game de­sign­ers, such as Xbox’s Elan Lee, or co­pi­ous amounts of cap­i­tal, but it doesn’t have to be this way as there are many ser­vices will­ing to help char­i­ties. Even if you have never hard of gam­ifi­ca­tion be­fore, you may have heard of it’s most suc­cess­ful im­ple­men­ta­tions such as the civilian sci­ence game Foldit (https://​​fold.it—help sci­en­tists by es­sen­tially crowd­sourc­ing your puz­zle skills), card game Ex­plod­ing Kit­tens (https://​​www.kick­starter.com/​​pro­jects/​​elan­lee/​​ex­plod­ing-kit­tens—the backer achieve­ments are in­ge­nious, in­clud­ing ‘5 pho­tos of weapon­ised back hair’ and ‘post 25 pics of a potato cat’) and McDon­ald’s Monopoly App (I’ll be hon­est, I hate this com­pany but it’s gam­ifi­ca­tion is lead­ing the mar­ket­ing in­dus­try).

Ba­sic gam­ifi­ca­tion is already a part of the EA fo­rum with up­votes, karma, leader­board mechanisms and badges of a sort, but even more ad­vanced mechanisms can profoundly in­fluence both the donors and or­gani­sa­tion as de­scribed by the ex­am­ples above. Peo­ple may do more good be­cause they are part of an EA sub-com­mu­nity and want to bolster that group’s score. Per­haps wacky, al­tru­is­tic daily tasks can be added to the EA com­mu­nity/​char­ity such as mes­sage your favourite in­fluencer to tell them about EA or ‘where in the world is Lou­jain Hathloul?’ (bring­ing aware­ness to the dis­gust­ing treat­ment of a fem­i­nist pi­o­neer in Saudi Ara­bia).

Do you think EA should use more/​more ad­vanced gam­ifi­ca­tion? And if so, how?

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