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Psychology student wishing to one day be a professor of neurosociopsychology in order to provide broad and specific consulting for nonprofits.

[Question] Any EA Doc­u­menters/​Cine­matog­ra­phers who want to make an EA doc­u­men­tary?

Prof.Weird13 Feb 2022 5:10 UTC
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Longter­mism VS Neart­er­mism: Are we be­ing long-winded or short-sighted?

Prof.Weird4 Feb 2022 9:08 UTC
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[Question] Have You Been Main­tain­ing Your Healthy Core Four?

Prof.Weird22 Nov 2020 11:37 UTC
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[Question] In­fo­haz­ards: The Fu­ture Is Dis­be­liev­ing Facts?

Prof.Weird22 Nov 2020 7:26 UTC
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[Question] Should EA Use Gam­ifi­ca­tion for Fundrais­ing/​Vol­un­teer­ing?

Prof.Weird21 Nov 2020 6:55 UTC
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[Question] What good are you do­ing to­day?

Prof.Weird20 Nov 2020 14:39 UTC
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[Question] Is EA too the­o­ret­i­cal? Can we re­ward prac­ti­cal­ity?

Prof.Weird17 Nov 2020 23:07 UTC
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Prof.Weird’s Shortform

Prof.Weird26 Jul 2020 13:26 UTC
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