A Path Forward this Century

TLDR: Seek­ing feed­back on this short work of macros­trat­egy and poli­ti­cal philos­o­phy for the 21st cen­tury. Sum­maries available p 63-67.

Hi ev­ery­one, my name is Wy­att Tes­sari L’Allié. I am a mem­ber of EA Toronto and a former and fu­ture poli­ti­cian.

In 2015 when I learned about AGI, X-Risk and the many dis­rup­tions promised by digi­tal age, I took a step back to figure out for my own sake what I should be cam­paign­ing for and why. Four years of re­search and thought later, the re­sult is this short book. It con­tains three parts: 1) a global is­sue pri­ori­ti­sa­tion, 2) a new poli­ti­cal nar­ra­tive and 3) a rough sketch of the di­rec­tion we should take. It is first and fore­most a poli­ti­cal doc­u­ment, meant as a call to ac­tion for a global au­di­ence and as the ba­sis for any fu­ture poli­ti­cal en­gage­ment on my part.

I know the EA com­mu­nity to be both fa­mil­iar with these is­sues and re­ally good crit­i­cal thinkers, so be­fore I seek to get it ed­ited and pub­lished I’m hop­ing a few of you won’t mind tak­ing a look at this third draft and pro­vid­ing some feed­back. Feel free to be blunt: if there are flaws to the logic, or if the mes­sage is not re­al­is­ti­cally net pos­i­tive, I’d rather know now than later.


  • Does the is­sue pri­ori­ti­sa­tion make sense?

  • Is the nar­ra­tive of life stew­ard­ship co­her­ent and does it res­onate?

  • Was it an en­joy­able read? Would you recom­mend it to a friend?

  • If a party ran on this mes­sage and plat­form, would you vote for it?

Refer­ence links to the fac­tual claims will be added in the 4th draft. For now the Sources sec­tion at the end should give you a sense of where my data is com­ing from

Any­way, here it is—if you don’t have time to read it all, sum­maries are available on pages 63-67:


Thanks kindly for your time and I look for­ward to hear­ing you thoughts (ei­ther in the com­ments be­low or by email)


P.S. I’m seek­ing col­lab­o­ra­tors on this and other re­lated pro­jects so if it res­onates let’s connect