EA introduction course and YouTube playlists

Hi guys!

We are get­ting ready to ac­cept new stu­dent mem­bers to our work­groups at EA NTNU this fall, and we want to make a course pro­gram for our new mem­bers to get them up to speed on cen­tral ideas, or­gani­sa­tions and con­cepts within EA. The idea is to meet once a week for three weeks, dis­cussing and work­ing on cen­tral top­ics for about two hours. We are plan­ning to make YouTube playlists in­tro­duc­ing the ideas, and that the new mem­bers will watch these playlists be­fore each gath­er­ing (as well as read­ing es­says in the EA Hand­book). We have spent some time brain­storm­ing ideas on cen­tral top­ics to in­clude in the course, but it would be nice to get a feel for what other peo­ple view as im­por­tant to counter any group think­ing we might have.

Th­ese are the top­ics we have thought about (rot13):

* RN uvfg­bel naq va­gre­angvbany bireivrj
* Engvbanyvgl (Pbzzba gu­vax­vat reebef, fgngvfgvpny naq rp­babzl pbaprcgf, naq ybtvpny snyyn­pvrf)
* Pn­erre gvcf (80x)
* Ty­bony cbiregl naq riny­h­ngvba (TJ naq gurve erp­bz­zraqrq betf)
* Rkvf­gragvny evfx
* Navzny jrys­ner
* Zrgn-RN (inyhrq pevgvpvfz, teb­jgu fgen­grtl naq pbzzba zvfp­baprcgvbaf)

For the long run, we are think­ing of ex­pand­ing the YouTube playlists idea to in­clude deeper in­tro­duc­tions to more com­plex ideas, dis­cus­sions and con­cepts (Think Vsauce lean­backs, if you have heard of them), to make our YouTube chan­nel a HQ for peo­ple to ex­plore ideas we care about. The videos we cur­rently have range from very EA re­lated (like this one) to more gen­eral (like this one).
If you have ex­am­ples of good videos we might have over­looked they are much ap­pre­ci­ated!

1) What con­cepts, ideas and or­gani­sa­tions are es­sen­tial to in­tro­duce to mem­bers who are new to EA?
2) Have you come across good on­line con­tent (ar­ti­cles and videos, prefer­ably on YouTube) ex­plain­ing cen­tral EA con­cepts, ideas or or­gani­sa­tions.