EA Website Search Optimization

I no­tice that when you search for “best char­ity to give to” some of the first re­sults are not EA fo­cused. In or­der, the re­sults Google gives me are

1. Char­ity Watch “Top Rated Char­i­ties”

2. A con­sumer re­ports ar­ti­cle “Best and Worst Char­i­ties for Your Dona­tions”

3. Char­ity Nav­i­ga­tor “Top Ten Lists”

4. Google maps show­ing char­i­ties in the areas

5. And fi­nally, a Vox ar­ti­cle on Effec­tive Altruism

GiveWell is #8 on the re­sults.

GiveWell comes up first for the search “most effec­tive char­ity to give to.” But the av­er­age per­son may not choose to use the word “effec­tive.” Would GiveWell con­sider buy­ing a Google ad for similar phrases? Or con­sider other ways to bump it­self up in search al­gorithms?

To ex­pand that thought, would 80,000 hours con­sider do­ing the same thing for searches that are gen­er­ally along the lines of, “what job should I get”?

Web­sites that are at the top of the search re­sults get about 36% of the traf­fic (1), and around 67% of the traf­fic goes to the top five list­ings (2).

(1) https://​​www.im­pactbnd.com/​​blog/​​im­por­tant-top-list­ing-google

(2) https://​​www.thelev­er­age­way.com/​​blog/​​how-far-down-the-search-en­g­ine-re­sults-page-will-most-peo­ple-go/​​