Meetup Summary

The mee­tups com­ing up this week are:

It’s great to see two new mee­tups this week. Last week, we had five mee­tups—Stan­ford, Swe­den, NYC, Lon­don and Dot Im­pact. You can add mee­tups here. Alter­na­tively, you may be in­ter­ested in at­tend­ing an up­com­ing LessWrong meetup, most of which are listed here.

This weeks image was from Effec­tive Altru­ism Melbourne’s Cookie Bank on Septem­ber 13, which raised sev­eral hun­dred dol­lars for SCI.

Any or­ganisers who an­nounce a new meetup here will re­cieve my up­vote, to en­courage this.