Si­mon In­sti­tute for Longterm Governance

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The Simon Institute for Longterm Governance (SI) is a Swiss nonprofit organization that focuses on building the capacity of policy networks to mitigate global catastrophic risks. SI provides training programs and advice to policymakers, conducts research on longterm policy, and coordinates a network of longtermist actors and researchers. SI was founded in 2021 (Seifert & Stauffer 2021).


Stauffer, Maxime & Konrad Seifert (2021) Introducing the Simon Institute for Longterm Governance (SI), Effective Altruism Forum, March 29.

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Simon Institute for Longterm Governance. Official website.

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In­tro­duc­ing the Si­mon In­sti­tute for Longterm Gover­nance (SI)

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