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The cost-effectiveness of a cause or a charity is the benefit it provides per unit cost.

Further reading

Ord, Toby (2019) The moral imperative toward cost-effectiveness in global health, in Hilary Greaves & Theron Pummer (eds.) Effective Altruism: Philosophical Issues, Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp. 29–36.

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Re­think Pri­ori­ties’ Cross-Cause Cost-Effec­tive­ness Model: In­tro­duc­tion and Overview

Derek Shiller3 Nov 2023 12:26 UTC
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saulius20 Aug 2019 18:05 UTC
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Cost-effec­tive­ness of stu­dent pro­grams for AI safety research

Center for AI Safety10 Jul 2023 17:23 UTC
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Center for AI Safety10 Jul 2023 17:26 UTC
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Five steps for quan­tify­ing spec­u­la­tive interventions

NunoSempere18 Feb 2022 20:39 UTC
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My im­pact as­sess­ment of Giv­ing What We Can

Vasco Grilo15 Apr 2023 6:59 UTC
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Pri­ori­tis­ing an­i­mal welfare over global health and de­vel­op­ment?

Vasco Grilo13 May 2023 9:03 UTC
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Cost-effec­tive­ness dis­tri­bu­tions, power laws and scale invariance

Stijn18 Mar 2021 19:27 UTC
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CEA is fundrais­ing, and fund­ing constrained

Ben_West20 Nov 2023 21:41 UTC
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Shap­ley val­ues: Bet­ter than counterfactuals

NunoSempere10 Oct 2019 10:26 UTC
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SoGive launches ex­panded ad­vis­ing and cus­tom re­search ser­vice: Feel more con­fi­dent in your giv­ing, across cause areas

Spencer Ericson9 Nov 2023 5:04 UTC
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Re­mote Health Cen­ters In Uganda—a cost effec­tive in­ter­ven­tion?

NickLaing27 Feb 2023 5:27 UTC
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Pur­chase fuzzies and utilons separately

EliezerYudkowsky27 Dec 2019 2:21 UTC
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Longterm cost-effec­tive­ness of Founders Pledge’s Cli­mate Change Fund

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The win­ners of the Change Our Mind Con­test—and some reflections

GiveWell15 Dec 2022 19:33 UTC
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Char­ity En­trepreneur­ship’s re­search into large-scale global health interventions

CE16 May 2023 11:51 UTC
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Changes to our top char­ity crite­ria, and a new giv­ing option

GiveWell17 Aug 2022 19:30 UTC
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Health AIM: A map­ping tool helping Health providers reach re­mote ru­ral areas

Emmanuel Ochola17 Aug 2023 13:44 UTC
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Find­ing bugs in GiveWell’s top charities

Vasco Grilo23 Jan 2023 16:49 UTC
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[Question] On GiveWell’s es­ti­mates of the cost of sav­ing a life

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Cost-Effec­tive­ness of Vac­cines: Ap­pen­dices and Endnotes

Peter Wildeford8 May 2018 7:43 UTC
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The value of money go­ing to differ­ent groups

Toby_Ord16 May 2017 13:11 UTC
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Ev­i­dence of effec­tive­ness and trans­parency of a few effec­tive giv­ing organisations

Vasco Grilo1 Jul 2023 8:10 UTC
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Deep Re­port on Diabetes

Joel Tan6 Oct 2023 2:33 UTC
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Pro­posed - ‘How Much Does It Cost to Save a Life?’ Quiz, calcu­la­tor, tool

david_reinstein12 May 2023 21:01 UTC
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How much do you be­lieve your re­sults?

Eric Neyman5 May 2023 19:51 UTC
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What is the cost-effec­tive­ness of re­search­ing vac­cines?

Peter Wildeford8 May 2018 7:41 UTC
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A crit­i­cal re­view of GiveWell’s 2022 cost-effec­tive­ness model

Froolow25 Aug 2022 15:35 UTC
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An­nounc­ing the Change Our Mind Con­test for cri­tiques of our cost-effec­tive­ness analyses

GiveWell6 Sep 2022 18:10 UTC
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How we work, #1: Cost-effec­tive­ness is gen­er­ally the most im­por­tant fac­tor in our recommendations

GiveWell27 Oct 2023 21:40 UTC
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[Question] How do in­spired con­tri­bu­tions and ex­ter­nal­ized costs fac­tor in cost-effec­tive­ness calcu­la­tions?

VictorW8 Aug 2023 21:43 UTC
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Marginal Fund­ing Week, So­lar pumps in Malawi: Creat­ing ~$20 of in­come per $1 of dona­tion for ~$1/​cap­ita/​year beneficiaries

Robert Van Buskirk20 Nov 2023 15:59 UTC
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doebem: Char­ity Eval­u­a­tion and Effec­tive Giv­ing in Brazil

Bruno Sterenberg30 Oct 2023 16:14 UTC
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Sup­port­ing grass­roots effec­tively: You can give to the most effec­tive char­ity in your com­mu­nity, even if none of them have “data”

Spencer Ericson20 Aug 2023 17:30 UTC
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Cor­po­rate cam­paigns for chicken welfare are 10,000 times as effec­tive as GiveWell’s Max­i­mum Im­pact Fund?

Vasco Grilo28 Jul 2022 8:22 UTC
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Es­ti­mat­ing the cost-effec­tive­ness of sci­en­tific research

Falk Lieder16 Jul 2022 12:20 UTC
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[Question] When should the in­verse-var­i­ance method be ap­plied to dis­tri­bu­tions?

Vasco Grilo14 Jun 2022 14:33 UTC
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Effec­tive­ness of Giv­ing Blood

ATinyFish26 Oct 2022 6:08 UTC
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New cause area: train­ing health work­ers to pre­vent new­born deaths

Marshall20 Jun 2022 17:12 UTC
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Rough at­tempt to pro­file char­i­ties which sup­port Ukrainian war re­lief in terms of their cost-effec­tive­ness.

Michael27 Feb 2022 0:51 UTC
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[Question] What are some re­spon­si­bil­ity bun­dle bar­gains for medium-sized en­ter­prises?

brb24310 Jan 2022 19:38 UTC
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Hyper­ten­sion is Ex­tremely Im­por­tant, Tractable, and Neglected

Marshall13 May 2022 15:00 UTC
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Tree plant­ing cost-effectiveness

Vasco Grilo3 Dec 2022 9:20 UTC
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If we ever want to start an “Amounts mat­ter” move­ment, covid re­sponse might be a good flag/​example

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How to de­ter­mine dis­tri­bu­tion pa­ram­e­ters from quantiles

Vasco Grilo30 May 2022 15:20 UTC
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Cost-effec­tive­ness of op­er­a­tions man­age­ment in high-im­pact organisations

Vasco Grilo27 Nov 2022 10:33 UTC
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Cost-effec­tive­ness es­ti­ma­tion with pro­gram, fund­ing, and in­sti­tu­tional coun­ter­fac­tual im­pact data

brb2438 Apr 2022 16:50 UTC
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[Question] What is the cost-effec­tive­ness of GiveWell’s top life-sav­ing char­i­ties un­der to­tal util­i­tar­i­anism?

Vasco Grilo22 Apr 2022 17:22 UTC
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I Re­viewed the 4000-page Disease Con­trol Pri­ori­ties Col­lec­tion: Fund 4 Pro­grams; Divest from Cost-in­effec­tive Bed­nets and Deworming

brb2439 Jul 2022 22:36 UTC
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Data on how much solu­tions differ in effectiveness

Benjamin_Todd17 Feb 2023 20:22 UTC
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Is Ex­is­ten­tial Risk Miti­ga­tion Uniquely Cost-Effec­tive? Not in Stan­dard Pop­u­la­tion Models (Gus­tav Alexan­drie and Maya Eden)

Global Priorities Institute4 Jul 2023 13:28 UTC
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How we work, #3: Our analy­ses in­volve judg­ment calls

GiveWell6 Dec 2023 22:09 UTC
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Adquira sen­ti­men­tos calorosos e útilons separadamente

AE Brasil / EA Brazil20 Jul 2023 18:48 UTC
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Thresh­olds #1: What does good look like for longter­mism?

Spencer Ericson25 Jul 2023 19:17 UTC
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Cost-effec­tive­ness of donat­ing a kidney

Vasco Grilo23 Apr 2022 21:50 UTC
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EA Japan4 Aug 2023 12:42 UTC
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Marginal Aid and Effec­tive Altruism

TomDrake30 Mar 2023 20:31 UTC
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Un­rav­el­ling the Mys­tery of Distri­bu­tions of Im­pact: Power law or Log­nor­mal?

Michael22 Apr 2023 9:40 UTC
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An­i­mal Char­ity Eval­u­a­tors Is Seek­ing In­ter­ven­tion Effec­tive­ness Re­search and Cost-Effec­tive­ness Estimates

Animal Charity Evaluators21 Apr 2023 12:49 UTC
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Me­taS­cience Sym­po­sium on Iden­ti­fy­ing Im­pact­ful Re­search Topics

Falk Lieder2 May 2023 18:41 UTC
8 points
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