ITN framework

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The importance, tractability and neglectedness framework, or ITN framework for short, is a framework for estimating the value of allocating marginal resources to solving a problem based on its importance, tractability, and neglectedness.


80,000 Hours (2016) Our current list of especially pressing world problems, 80,000 Hours, June.
A set of applications of the framework.

Dickens, Michael (2016) Evaluation frameworks (or: when importance /​ neglectedness /​ tractability doesn’t apply), Philosophical Multicore, June 10.
A criticism of this framework.

Wiblin, Robert (2016) One approach to comparing global problems in terms of expected impact, 80,000 Hours, April.
Original presentation of their framework. Note that they use ‘scale’ instead of ‘importance’ and ‘solvability’ instead of ‘tractability’.

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