Red­wood Research

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Redwood Research is a nonprofit organization focused on applied AI alignment research.

Their current project started in early August 2021.[1]


As of July 2022, Redwood Research has received over $9.4 million in funding from Open Philanthropy[2] and nearly $1.3 million from the Survival and Flourishing Fund.[3]

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Redwood Research. Official website.

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Red­wood Re­search is hiring for sev­eral roles

Jack R29 Nov 2021 0:18 UTC
75 points
0 comments1 min readEA link

Ap­ply to the sec­ond ML for Align­ment Boot­camp (MLAB 2) in Berkeley [Aug 15 - Fri Sept 2]

Buck6 May 2022 0:19 UTC
110 points
7 comments5 min readEA link

Ap­ply to the ML for Align­ment Boot­camp (MLAB) in Berkeley [Jan 3 - Jan 22]

Habryka3 Nov 2021 18:20 UTC
140 points
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We’re Red­wood Re­search, we do ap­plied al­ign­ment re­search, AMA

Buck5 Oct 2021 5:04 UTC
106 points
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2021 AI Align­ment Liter­a­ture Re­view and Char­ity Comparison

Larks23 Dec 2021 14:06 UTC
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Red­wood Re­search is hiring for sev­eral roles (Oper­a­tions and Tech­ni­cal)

JJXWang14 Apr 2022 15:23 UTC
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Ap­ply to the Red­wood Re­search Mechanis­tic In­ter­pretabil­ity Ex­per­i­ment (REMIX), a re­search pro­gram in Berkeley

Max Nadeau27 Oct 2022 1:39 UTC
95 points
5 comments12 min readEA link