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I work at the NIH researching bioethics, biosecurity, grantmaking, and global (health) priorities. (ex-ish) Berkeley community builder. Contract with CEA on Virtual Programs. Organising EAGxBerkeley in Dec 2022.

Happy to be involved and connected!

Pro­posed im­prove­ments to EAG(x) ad­mis­sions process

Elika30 Jan 2023 6:10 UTC
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Reflec­tions and ad­vice on ‘Sum­mer in the Bay’ as or­ganisers think about invit­ing peo­ple to hubs

Elika24 Jan 2023 14:56 UTC
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A Se­quence of Events Cri­tique Posts

Elika22 Jan 2023 18:20 UTC
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A Re­port on run­ning 1-1s with EA Vir­tual Pro­grams’ Participants

Elika10 Jan 2023 1:34 UTC
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EAGx ap­pli­ca­tion com­mu­nity norms we’d like to see

Elika23 Dec 2022 17:27 UTC
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How lo­cal groups can lev­er­age EA conferences

Vaidehi Agarwalla21 Dec 2022 16:44 UTC
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Im­prov­ing EA events: start early & in­vest in con­tent and stewardship

Vaidehi Agarwalla12 Dec 2022 19:43 UTC
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