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Emily is Senior Philanthropy Manager for The Good Food Institute Europe. GFI was founded upon EA principles and, as such, working at GFI provided Emily’s introduction to Effective Altruism. Emily finds it very motivating to dedicate her professional life to raising funds for an organisation which is frequently recommended by EA-aligned evaluators as a highly impactful charity for those interested in mitigating climate change, and improving farmed animal welfare. Personally speaking, the concept of doing the most good possible immediately resonated with Emily once she was introduced to EA, and she has enjoyed attending several EAG conferences, participating in the Introductory EA Virtual Program, and reading core EA books.

Fund­ing pri­ori­ties at the Good Food In­sti­tute Europe: what ad­di­tional im­pact will be cre­ated by marginal grants to GFI Europe?

emilygjohnson20 Nov 2023 20:43 UTC
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