[Question] How would your project use extra funding? (Marginal Funding Week)

It’s Marginal Funding Week until Tuesday, 21 November! (To decide where to donate and how to vote, it’s really helpful to know how extra funding would be used.)

If your project is fundraising, you could write a full post on this topic or you can just add a quick note here in an “Answer” to this question.

What you might include:

  1. The name of the project you’re representing, ideally with a link to previous Forum discussion/​the Forum topic page or your website, and your role at the project.

  2. A description of how the project might use extra donations.

    1. See this post for inspiration.

  3. Maybe also:

    1. A way for people to donate, or a link to the relevant fundraiser from here.

    2. More information about your work, like impact evaluations, cost-effectiveness estimates, links to retrospectives, etc.

    3. Anything else you want to share!

Consider upvoting answers you appreciate and asking follow-up questions if you still have uncertainties (although I should flag that your questions might not get answered — some people might not have capacity to answer follow-up questions).

If you don’t represent a project but have an informed guess about how a project might use extra funding, you could share that as a comment. (Please make it clear that you’re guessing, though — consider sharing the sources you’re inferring from.)

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