Jason Schukraft

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Dr. Jason Schukraft is a Senior Research Manager at Rethink Priorities. He earned his Ph.D. in philosophy from the University of Texas at Austin.

In­ter­ven­tion re­port: Agri­cul­tural land redistribution

DavidBernard14 Jul 2021 14:29 UTC
60 points
4 comments46 min readEA link

In­ter­ven­tion Re­port: Char­ter Cities

DavidBernard12 Jun 2021 13:54 UTC
123 points
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Global lead ex­po­sure report

DavidBernard29 May 2021 16:56 UTC
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Notes: Stub­ble Burn­ing in India

Jason Schukraft13 Jan 2021 2:58 UTC
37 points
8 comments7 min readEA link