Jordan Arel

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I’m studying for a master’s of social entrepreneurship at the University of Southern California. I have thought along EA lines for as long as I can remember, and I recently wrote a book “Ways to Save The World” about my top innovative ideas for broad approaches to reduce existential risk.

[Question] What Cri­te­ria Deter­mines Who Gets Into EAG & EAGx?

Jordan Arel26 Sep 2022 22:03 UTC
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Fine-Grained Karma Voting

Jordan Arel26 Sep 2022 18:58 UTC
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Why Wast­ing EA Money is Bad

Jordan Arel22 Sep 2022 1:45 UTC
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How To Ac­tu­ally Succeed

Jordan Arel12 Sep 2022 22:33 UTC
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[Question] How have nu­clear win­ter mod­els evolved?

Jordan Arel11 Sep 2022 22:40 UTC
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