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Kaleem Ahmid. Entrepreneur in Residence, and Project Manager for Boston and NY Properties at CEA.

Previously a Community Builder in Boston (EAIF grant). Previously a Visiting Scholar at JHU Center for Health Security. EAGxBoston 2022 organiser.

Ezra Klein and Will MacAskill on Longter­mism

Kaleem9 Aug 2022 14:26 UTC
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[Question] What should we call the Har­vard EA office ?!?!?!?

Kaleem8 Aug 2022 18:57 UTC
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Some non-EAs worry about EA’s effect on men­tal health

Kaleem4 Aug 2022 0:12 UTC
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Effec­tive Altru­ism for Muslims

Ahmed Ghoor27 Jul 2022 16:54 UTC
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