Magnus Vinding

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Working to reduce extreme suffering for all sentient beings.

Author of Suffering-Focused Ethics: Defense and Implications & Reasoned Politics.

Co-founder (with Tobias Baumann) of the Center for Reducing Suffering (CRS).

ebooks available for free here and here.

Be­ware fric­tions from al­tru­is­tic value differences

Magnus Vinding1 Dec 2022 18:58 UTC
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Two con­trast­ing mod­els of “in­tel­li­gence” and fu­ture growth

Magnus Vinding24 Nov 2022 11:54 UTC
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Linkpost for var­i­ous re­cent es­says on suffer­ing-fo­cused ethics, pri­ori­ties, and more

Magnus Vinding28 Sep 2022 8:58 UTC
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Cri­tique of MacAskill’s “Is It Good to Make Happy Peo­ple?”

Magnus Vinding23 Aug 2022 9:21 UTC
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Re­search vs. non-re­search work to im­prove the world: In defense of more re­search and re­flec­tion [linkpost]

Magnus Vinding20 May 2022 16:25 UTC
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