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Currently working on independent meta-EA projects and strategy. Previously interned at Global Challenges Project and founded EA University of Wisconsin–Madison. Also built and currently maintain the EA Opportunity Board.

I’m interested in EA community growth and health, EA & psychology, and avoiding doom with everything humanity’s got. Also meditation. If you think we share an interest (we probably do), don’t hesitate to reach out!


[Linkpost] Sam Har­ris on “The Fall of Sam Bankman-Fried”

michel16 Nov 2022 5:35 UTC
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The EA Op­por­tu­nity Board is hiring a new di­rec­tor (part-time)

michel15 Nov 2022 18:30 UTC
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Thoughts on FTX and re­turn­ing to our ideals

michel11 Nov 2022 20:17 UTC
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An­nounc­ing The Most Im­por­tant Cen­tury Writ­ing Prize

michel31 Oct 2022 21:37 UTC
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EA move­ment course cor­rec­tions and where you might disagree

michel29 Oct 2022 3:32 UTC
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Ways in which EA could fail

michel24 Oct 2022 23:46 UTC
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