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Dreams of “Matho­pe­dia”

NicholasKross2 Jun 2023 1:30 UTC
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Ab­strac­tion is Big­ger than Nat­u­ral Abstraction

NicholasKross31 May 2023 0:00 UTC
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My AI Align­ment Re­search Agenda and Threat Model, right now (May 2023)

NicholasKross28 May 2023 3:23 UTC
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Why and When In­ter­pretabil­ity Work is Dangerous

NicholasKross28 May 2023 0:27 UTC
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Why I’m Not (Yet) A Full-Time Tech­ni­cal Align­ment Researcher

NicholasKross25 May 2023 1:26 UTC
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[SEE EDIT] No, *You* Need to Write Clearer

NicholasKross29 Apr 2023 5:04 UTC
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