Joseph Lemien

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I am an American based in Beijing, with work experience in HR and Operations. I read a lot, I enjoy taking online courses, and I do some yoga and some rock climbing. I enjoy learning languages, and I think that I tend to have a fairly international/​cross-cultural focus/​awareness in my life that I don’t observe in many other people.

As far as EA is concerned, I’m fairly cause agnostic but I often think about improving organizations/​institutions, so sooner or later I’ll probably get connected with the Improving Institutional Decision-Making people. I think that I am more influenced by virtue ethics and stoicism than the average EA, and I also occasionally find myself thinking about inclusion and accessibility in EA.

I’m probably in the minority of EAs in terms of knowledge of Chinese labor law and in terms of juggling skills (I can juggle a Boston mess, and I led a workshop on hip hop dance at the 2011 European Juggling Convention).

My partner told me that I should brag about how many books I read, but I feel awkward bringing that up in conversation, so here is my clunky attempt to brag about that: https://​​​​user_challenges/​​25585047

Hiring: How to do it better

Joseph Lemien23 May 2022 7:45 UTC
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[Question] What should one do when some­one in­sists on ac­tively mak­ing life worse for many other peo­ple?

Joseph Lemien14 May 2022 5:59 UTC
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