Per Ivar Friborg

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My gratitude to the many wonders of life makes me highly engaged in preserving a prosperous long term future for all sentient life. My biggest concern is the complete elimination of humanity’s future potential caused by misaligned superintelligence. I’ve been studying Chemistry the past three years, and I now intend to pivot my career towards working with mitigating AI risk either directly or indirectly. Among others, I have aptitudes fit for doing research, community building, entrepreneurship and operations. I am currently working as the community manager of EA NTNU—the local university group at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. I have been part of this group for three years, and I have spent much time thinking about the best strategy for EA community building at universities.

How to In­cu­bate Self-Driven In­di­vi­d­u­als (for Lead­ers and Com­mu­nity Builders)

Per Ivar Friborg5 Aug 2022 14:36 UTC
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EA NTNU’s An­nual Re­port 2021/​2022

Per Ivar Friborg22 Jul 2022 9:49 UTC
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Stu­dent pro­ject for en­gag­ing with AI alignment

Per Ivar Friborg9 May 2022 10:44 UTC
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