Robert Van Buskirk

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I am an early-retired Harvard Ph.D Physicist and Clean Energy Policy Analyst and charity entrepreneur. I have been organizing and experimenting with clean energy projects in Africa for 30 years. Currently, I am lead organizer of a social venture that consists of a small US non-profit and a local Malawian for-profit partner.

Marginal Fund­ing Week, So­lar pumps in Malawi: Creat­ing ~$20 of in­come per $1 of dona­tion for ~$1/​cap­ita/​year beneficiaries

Robert Van Buskirk20 Nov 2023 15:59 UTC
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A sim­plified cost-effec­tive­ness es­ti­ma­tion method­ol­ogy for use in So­lar4Africa’s Fall-23 stu­dent projects

Robert Van Buskirk1 Nov 2023 21:02 UTC
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So­lar4Africa launches six Fall-23 stu­dent pro­jects in part­ner­ship with EA at UC Berkeley

Robert Van Buskirk24 Oct 2023 4:18 UTC
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