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How much does a vote mat­ter?

Robert_Wiblin29 Oct 2020 17:21 UTC
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When you shouldn’t use EA jar­gon and how to avoid it

Robert_Wiblin26 Oct 2020 12:48 UTC
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‘Ugh Fields’, or why you can’t even bear to think about that task

Robert_Wiblin14 Sep 2020 16:39 UTC
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Con­sider a wider range of jobs, paths and prob­lems if you want to im­prove the long-term future

Robert_Wiblin29 Jun 2020 14:48 UTC
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Eleven re­cent 80,000 Hours ar­ti­cles on how to stop COVID-19 & other pandemics

Robert_Wiblin8 Apr 2020 21:40 UTC
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Pod­cast with Ben Todd cov­er­ing the key ideas of 80,000 Hours (2h 57m)

Robert_Wiblin9 Mar 2020 18:48 UTC
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At­tempted sum­mary of the 2019-nCoV situ­a­tion — 80,000 Hours

Robert_Wiblin3 Feb 2020 22:37 UTC
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Up­com­ing in­ter­views on the 80,000 Hours Podcast

Robert_Wiblin1 Jul 2019 14:08 UTC
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Giv­ing What We Can is still grow­ing at a sur­pris­ingly good pace

Robert_Wiblin14 Sep 2018 2:34 UTC
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Do Prof Eva Vi­valt’s re­sults show ‘ev­i­dence-based’ de­vel­op­ment isn’t all it’s cut out to be?

Robert_Wiblin21 May 2018 16:28 UTC
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Rob Wiblin’s top EconTalk epi­sode recommendations

Robert_Wiblin19 Oct 2017 0:08 UTC
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How ac­cu­rately does any­one know the global dis­tri­bu­tion of in­come?

Robert_Wiblin6 Apr 2017 4:49 UTC
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In some cases, if a prob­lem is harder hu­man­ity should in­vest more in it, but you should be less in­clined to work on it

Robert_Wiblin21 Feb 2017 10:29 UTC
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Philo­soph­i­cal Cri­tiques of Effec­tive Altru­ism by Prof Jeff McMahan

Robert_Wiblin3 May 2016 21:05 UTC
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Why don’t many effec­tive al­tru­ists work on nat­u­ral re­source scarcity?

Robert_Wiblin20 Feb 2016 12:32 UTC
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Let’s con­duct a sur­vey on the qual­ity of MIRI’s implementation

Robert_Wiblin19 Feb 2016 7:18 UTC
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The most per­sua­sive writ­ing neu­trally sur­veys both sides of an argument

Robert_Wiblin18 Feb 2016 8:42 UTC
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How you can con­tribute to the broader EA re­search project

Robert_Wiblin17 Feb 2016 9:23 UTC
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If tech progress might be bad, what should we tell peo­ple about it?

Robert_Wiblin16 Feb 2016 10:26 UTC
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Should effec­tive al­tru­ists work on tax­a­tion of the very rich?

Robert_Wiblin15 Feb 2016 12:42 UTC
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