Sarah H

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Co-founder of Maternal Health Initiative, a family planning organization incubated through Charity Entrepreneurship. Formerly worked on policy in the California civil service.

[Job] In­ter­na­tional Gen­er­al­ist at Ma­ter­nal Health Initiative

Sarah H25 May 2023 9:26 UTC
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In­tro­duc­ing the Ma­ter­nal Health Initiative

Ben Williamson31 Mar 2023 14:19 UTC
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Fam­ily Plan­ning: A Sig­nifi­cant Op­por­tu­nity for Impact

Sarah H12 Aug 2022 0:01 UTC
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A Few Strate­gies for In­creas­ing Pro­duc­tivity

Sarah H31 Dec 2021 18:37 UTC
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