EA Public In­ter­est Tech­nol­o­gists Meet­ing #2

evelynciara5 Dec 2021 1:54 UTC
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The “feel­ing of mean­ing” vs. “ob­jec­tive mean­ing”

Ozzie Gooen5 Dec 2021 1:51 UTC
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Seek­ing a Col­lab­o­ra­tion to Stop Hur­ri­canes?

Anthony Repetto4 Dec 2021 12:39 UTC
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EA megapro­jects continued

mariushobbhahn3 Dec 2021 10:33 UTC
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[Question] Fa­cil­i­tat­ing elec­toral re­form

gooder4 Dec 2021 22:54 UTC
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[Linkpost] Millions face star­va­tion in Afghanistan

aogara4 Dec 2021 23:46 UTC
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Want To Be An Ex­pert? Build Deep Models

lynettebye4 Dec 2021 22:20 UTC
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[Question] What is the max­i­mum num­ber of days of pig con­fine­ment that you would ex­change in or­der to save one pi­glet from be­ing crushed?

fullham4 Nov 2021 21:06 UTC
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Biol­ogy-In­spired AGI Timelines: The Trick That Never Works

EliezerYudkowsky1 Dec 2021 22:44 UTC
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Please post re­flec­tions on EA Global: Lon­don ($500 bounty)

Lizka4 Dec 2021 12:41 UTC
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In­tro­duc­ing Shrimp Welfare Project

AaronBoddy30 Nov 2021 11:03 UTC
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[Question] How do you get more peo­ple to give you feed­back?

AryanYadav4 Dec 2021 14:54 UTC
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Why You Should Con­sider Skil­led Volunteering

sofiabalderson25 Nov 2021 21:37 UTC
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How To Get an EA-al­igned Job: My Experience

sofiabalderson3 Dec 2021 16:08 UTC
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[Question] Did any­one fore­cast a “Cuban Mis­sile Cri­sis”- like event in a similar fash­ion some are fore­cast­ing other risks to­day?

Nick Seier4 Dec 2021 16:13 UTC
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Eliezer Yud­kowsky − 9/​26 is Petrov Day

Bob Jacobs4 Dec 2021 17:03 UTC
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A Com­par­i­son of Donor-Ad­vised Fund Providers

MichaelDickens5 Apr 2021 20:13 UTC
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[Cross­post] Re­duc­ing Risks of Astro­nom­i­cal Suffer­ing: A Ne­glected Priority

Bob Jacobs4 Dec 2021 16:21 UTC
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[Question] Has any­thing in the EA global health sphere changed since the cri­tiques of “ran­domista de­vel­op­ment” 1-2 years ago?

MaxG2 Dec 2021 12:14 UTC
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Donat­ing money, buy­ing hap­piness: new meta-analy­ses com­par­ing the cost-effec­tive­ness of cash trans­fers and psy­chother­apy in terms of sub­jec­tive well-being

MichaelPlant25 Oct 2021 15:38 UTC
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