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Hi, I’m Florian. I am enthusiastic about working on large scale problems that require me to learn new skills and extend my knowledge into new fields and subtopics. My main interests are climate change, existential risks, feminism, history, hydrology and food security. I hope to find a place where I can work on some (or all?) of these topics, apply my data science skills, work in a team and share my knowledge by writing articles and giving courses and presentations. If you have similar interests or know of an organisation I would fit in well, let’s get in touch!

Personal blog: https://​​​​

Fo­cus of the IPCC Assess­ment Re­ports Has Shifted to Lower Temperatures

FJehn12 May 2022 12:15 UTC
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The uni­ver­sal An­thro­pocene or things we can learn from exo-civil­i­sa­tions, even if we never meet any

FJehn26 Apr 2022 12:06 UTC
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[Question] Will the next global con­flict be more like World War I?

FJehn26 Mar 2022 14:57 UTC
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