What I thought about child mar­riage as a cause area, and how I’ve changed my mind

Catherine Fist31 Jan 2023 19:50 UTC
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Karma over­rates some top­ics; re­sult­ing is­sues and po­ten­tial solutions

Lizka30 Jan 2023 18:32 UTC
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We’re no longer “paus­ing most new longter­mist fund­ing com­mit­ments”

Holden Karnofsky30 Jan 2023 19:29 UTC
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Reg­u­la­tory in­quiry into Effec­tive Ven­tures Foun­da­tion UK

Howie_Lempel30 Jan 2023 14:33 UTC
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More Is Prob­a­bly More—Fore­cast­ing Ac­cu­racy and Num­ber of Fore­cast­ers on Metaculus

nikos31 Jan 2023 17:20 UTC
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Longter­mism and an­i­mals: Re­sources + join our Dis­cord com­mu­nity!

Ren Springlea31 Jan 2023 10:45 UTC
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Google Maps nuke-mode

AndreFerretti31 Jan 2023 21:37 UTC
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An­nounc­ing In­terim CEOs of EVF

Owen Cotton-Barratt30 Jan 2023 14:21 UTC
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What Are The Biggest Threats To Hu­man­ity? (New A Hap­pier World video)

Jeroen Willems31 Jan 2023 19:50 UTC
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Post-Mortem: McGill EA x Law Pre­sents: Ex­is­ten­tial Ad­vo­cacy with Prof. John Bliss

McGill EA x Law31 Jan 2023 18:57 UTC
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Pro­ject for Awe­some 2023: Make a short video for an EA char­ity!

EA_ProjectForAwesome31 Jan 2023 14:57 UTC
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[Linkpost] Hu­man-nar­rated au­dio ver­sion of “Is Power-Seek­ing AI an Ex­is­ten­tial Risk?”

Joe_Carlsmith31 Jan 2023 19:19 UTC
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Talk to me about your sum­mer/​ca­reer plans

Akash31 Jan 2023 18:29 UTC
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Post-Mortem: Effec­tive Altru­ism x Law Pre­sents: Im­pact Liti­ga­tion for An­i­mal Welfare

McGill EA x Law31 Jan 2023 18:52 UTC
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FIRE & EA: Seek­ing feed­back on “Fi-lan­thropy” Calculator

Rebecca Herbst30 Jan 2023 20:20 UTC
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Ques­tions about AI that bother me

Eleni_A31 Jan 2023 6:50 UTC
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Fol­low-Up Sur­vey: Ma­jor Lay­offs at Tech Gi­ants [re­cruit­ing sup­port]

nicolenohemi31 Jan 2023 1:49 UTC
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Cel­e­brat­ing EAGxLatAm and EAGxIndia

OllieBase26 Jan 2023 16:10 UTC
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How to use AI speech tran­scrip­tion and anal­y­sis to ac­cel­er­ate so­cial sci­ence research

AlexanderSaeri31 Jan 2023 4:01 UTC
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On­line EA book­club, any­one?

Manuel Del Río Rodríguez31 Jan 2023 14:26 UTC
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