Ghana has approved the use of a malaria vaccine with >70% efficacy

The R21/​Matrix-M malaria vaccine showed 71%-80% efficacy in preventing cases of malaria in a randomised controlled phase 2 trial published at the end of last year. A phase 3 trial is ongoing.

67 (51%) of 132 children who received R21/​Matrix-M with low-dose adjuvant, 54 (39%) of 137 children who received R21/​Matrix-M with high-dose adjuvant, and 121 (86%) of 140 children who received the rabies vaccine developed clinical malaria by 12 months

(the rabies vaccine was the control)

The next best thing is the RTS,S/​AS01 vaccine, which WHO started rolling out in some pilot programs in 2016 after trials showed its reduced hospital admissions from severe malaria by around 30%, less impressive than R21/​Matrix-M.

A few days ago, Ghana’s food and drugs administration announced that they’ve approved the R21/​Matrix-M for children aged 5 months to 36 months. It seems like there will be more steps before the vaccines actually start rolling out (they might need to wait for WHO approval and/​or the results of the phase 3 trial). In any case, very exciting news.

I found out about this because it is on the In the news section of the front page of Wikipedia.