[Question] Making a collection of freely available mental health resources

Keeping your mental health intact is quite important for your long term impact and wellbeing. However, it can be difficult and/​or expensive to get professional help. Therefore, I think it would be valuable to have a collection of mental health resources that can be used free of charge and without any hassle upfront.

To tap in the knowledge of this community I think a crowdsourced solution might work best to find high quality and reliable resources. If you want to contribute:

  • Upvote resources that were already posted and which you think are valuable.

  • Add an answer under this post with a mental health resource that helped you or people you know. This could be for example an app, a blog post or a podcast, but feel free to add other kinds of suggestions as well.

Please limit yourself to one suggestion per answer so the single resources can be upvoted independently. To keep things tidy use the following template for your suggestions:

  • Name:

  • What is it?

    • Give a short description of the kind of media and what its general topic is.

  • Why do you like it?

    • Give a short description of how this resource helped you and why you recommend it

  • Where to start?

    • Some resources might be quite big (e.g. a podcast), so it is a good idea to point to a starting point (e.g. a single episode).

Looking forward to your suggestions.

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