[Question] What’s the best platform/​app/​approach for fundraising for things that aren’t registered nonprofits?

I’m plan­ning to fundraise for the John Hop­kins Cen­ter for Health Se­cu­rity. I was go­ing to do a Face­book fundraiser, but CHS isn’t a reg­istered non­profit (as it’s part of a uni­ver­sity), so I think I’d have to “Fundraise for a Per­sonal Cause”, col­lect the money my­self, and then donate it (see here).

Is any­one aware of an­other plat­form/​app/​ap­proach that might work bet­ter for this sort of thing? (I imag­ine this could be use­ful be­yond my spe­cific ex­am­ple of the CHS.)

It seems to me that ideal fea­tures would be:

  • High visibility

  • Min­i­mal clicks re­quired from see­ing the fundraiser to hav­ing donated

  • Some sort of “progress bar” of how much has been raised and what the tar­get is, to mo­ti­vate people

  • Some way of show­ing other peo­ple which or how many peo­ple have donated, to cre­ate an ap­par­ent norm