[Question] What’s the best platform/​app/​approach for fundraising for things that aren’t registered nonprofits?

I’m planning to fundraise for the John Hopkins Center for Health Security. I was going to do a Facebook fundraiser, but CHS isn’t a registered nonprofit (as it’s part of a university), so I think I’d have to “Fundraise for a Personal Cause”, collect the money myself, and then donate it (see here).

Is anyone aware of another platform/​app/​approach that might work better for this sort of thing? (I imagine this could be useful beyond my specific example of the CHS.)

It seems to me that ideal features would be:

  • High visibility

  • Minimal clicks required from seeing the fundraiser to having donated

  • Some sort of “progress bar” of how much has been raised and what the target is, to motivate people

  • Some way of showing other people which or how many people have donated, to create an apparent norm