[Question] Biggest Biosecurity Threat? Antibiotic Resistance

Is any­one do­ing or has done re­search on an­tibiotic re­sis­tance?

An­tibiotic re­sis­tance is a one of the top 10 pub­lic health is­sues, ac­cord­ing to WHO. It is pro­jected to take more lives than can­cer to be­come the lead­ing cause of mor­tal­ity by 2050 (O’Neill, 2014). It cur­rently takes 200,000 chil­dren’s lives wor­ld­wide (Costello, 2016). How­ever, one in two Amer­i­cans (K-12 stu­dents and adults, sep­a­rately) do not know ap­pro­pri­ate an­tibiotic use for bac­te­rial, not viral in­fec­tions (Funk & Goo, ‎2015). Similarly, one in two cases of AR is from an­tibiotic mi­suse per year (Ven­tola, 2015). This as­so­ci­a­tion is un­canny and must be re­me­di­ated with ed­u­ca­tion. An­tibiotic re­sis­tance is the heart of biose­cu­rity as a global catas­trophic biolog­i­cal risk.