C Tilli

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I have a back­ground in en­g­ineer­ing and en­trepreneur­ship and am now run­ning a small non-profit fo­cused on pre­ven­tion of an­tibiotic re­sis­tance. I en­joy gar­den­ing and beer-brew­ing. Based in Swe­den and ac­tive in lo­cal EA groups there.

Can my self-worth com­pare to my in­stru­men­tal value?

C Tilli11 Oct 2020 7:32 UTC
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[Question] What is a good an­swer for peo­ple new to EA that re­quest ad­vice on vol­un­teer­ing?

C Tilli29 Jul 2020 15:19 UTC
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An­tibiotic re­sis­tance and meat: why we should be care­ful in as­sign­ing blame

C Tilli17 Jun 2020 8:00 UTC
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