Make a $10 donation into $35

Update March 2021: This donation match appears to be available indefinitely.

Facebook’s Giving Tuesday donation match ran out quickly this morning, but here’s one that’s still available: will donate $25 to any 501(c)(3) nonprofit up to $250,000 in total for each new referred user who donates $10 or more. This works out to a 250% counterfactual match on $10 in donations—higher than Facebook’s, just with a lower limit.


  1. Join with: https://​​​​@william.kiely/​​

  2. Donate $10 to a nonprofit of your choice.

  3. Receive $25 in credit immediately.

  4. Donate the $25 you received to a nonprofit of your choice.

I’d recommend just donating via card to save on time, rather than connect your bank account which would save on fees.

The whole process can be completed in less than ~5 minutes and appears to be available to everyone regardless of what country you’re in, so I’d suggest taking 5 minutes to make a $10 donation now (unless you give up a large tax benefit by donating here or have some other reason this isn’t worth it for you). Happy Giving Tuesday!

Update Two Weeks In:

As of December 16th, $3,800 in matching referral funds has been given to 152 people who joined using my referral link. These 152 people have made 327 donations (“Joins”) on the platform so far totaling $6,075 given to nonprofits (including the matching referral funds). The breakdown of which nonprofits these donations were made to is shown below.

Thank you to everyone who shared this opportunity to get it in front of more people!

The $250,000 in matching referral funds offered by are nowhere close to being exhausted and will therefore very likely continue to exist until at least December 25th. So please feel free to continue to share this post with your friends and ask them to consider donating to an effective charity!