[Question] How to reach out to orgs en masse?

Hi! I landed here a few weeks ago after obsessively reading Less Wrong for several months. I’m a recently retired journalist, content writer, and trainer with 25 years of experience. Since I have more time than money right now, and at 52 and retired I am way beyond the “build career capital” stage, I wanted to donate my skills to effective orgs.

I read in one of the EA basics articles that many orgs are in need of help in the areas of marketing and promotion, so I’ve been working on redoing some of my old (live/​recorded) content team trainings to genericize them and make them more relevant to this group. In 2020 I trained corporate content teams in (among other topics) PR content, landing pages and emails, organizing the writing process, and how to repurpose content, and I thought these would be good topics to start with.

All I need to do is remove client names from scripts and worksheets, switch out examples to more relevant ones, revise the slides as needed, and re-narrate the webinars. Each training is about 30 minutes to one hour once I cut out all the student chit-chat, breaks, etc.

My question is, what is the best way to reach out to orgs en masse to offer the trainings? I’d hate to use the time I could be spending revising these courses on locating/​contacting all the orgs that could use them. Of course I can reach out to the EA list of top charities individually since there aren’t many of them, and I’ll post something on LinkedIn, but after that I’m stumped. (I don’t have a website; I took it down when I retired. But I could possibly throw a new one up if that would help.)

So: Are there any publications (print or online) you would recommend I send a release to? Any easy-to-access/​cheap/​free contact lists for charities? My guess is I’d want to contact the communications, marketing, PR, membership, and/​or content execs there.

(Tips on revising the courses to be as effective as possible would also be appreciated! I’ve already finished revising the PR course, and am in the middle of the rest.)

Please forgive the newbie-ness of this post. Thanks for any suggestions you can offer!