Can my filmmaking/​songwriting skills be used more effectively in EA?

Hi ev­ery­one! It’s my first time post­ing here and I’m a lit­tle ner­vous be­cause you all seem su­per smart, but here goes...

My name is Si­mon Pan­rucker. I work as a film­maker some­times, but mostly as a com­poser/​song­writer for car­toons—mainly on Car­toon Net­work. So far I’ve been con­tribut­ing to­wards EA goals by earn­ing to give—the roy­alties af­forded to me by my mu­sic be­ing played on tele­vi­sion wor­ld­wide have meant I’ve been able to donate thou­sands of pounds each year to Give Well recom­mended char­i­ties.

But I’m won­der­ing if I can have a more di­rect im­pact with these skills as well?

Re­cently I wrote a song and di­rected a short film for economist Kate Ra­worth to help get dis­cus­sion go­ing around ideas from a chap­ter in her book Dough­nut Eco­nomics.

See here: https://​​​​Sx13E8-zUtA

This video was aimed at eco­nomics stu­dents so it’s pretty dense with in­for­ma­tion. NB I am a mu­si­cian/​film­maker, not an economist, so if you have any ar­gu­ments with the con­tent I sug­gest tak­ing it up with Kate Ra­worth as I will only be able to shrug ;)

So far the video has had around 75k views over Twit­ter and Youtube.

More re­cently I bashed out a no-bud­get song and video for a lo­cal cam­paign to save a com­mu­nity hub in Bris­tol. It’s very rough and ready but it did the job at get­ting the word out:


This vid got shared 2000 times and amassed 123k views (al­though I don’t trust Face­book’s view­count so take that with a pinch of salt).

I know these are quite mod­est num­bers com­pared to a lot of on­line videos, but these are first forays into this type of film­mak­ing and there’s plenty of room to im­prove with prac­tise.


This seems like a po­tent way of dis­sem­i­nat­ing in­for­ma­tion in an en­ter­tain­ing and share­able way, and I’m won­der­ing if there may be op­por­tu­ni­ties to work di­rectly with EA re­lated or­gani­sa­tions or in­di­vi­d­u­als to share com­pli­cated ideas in a way that’s eas­ier to in­gest, or to pro­mote cer­tain char­i­ties high­lighted by Give Well etc.

I was en­couraged re­cently while listen­ing to the 8000 Hours Pod­cast with Glen Weyl when he talked about the need for artists to get on board with Rad­i­cal Xchange to help con­vey in­for­ma­tion and ideas. I’ve not heard that an­gle talked about be­fore in the EA com­mu­nity and I found it quite heart­en­ing—hence this post! I’ll likely get in touch with Glen/​Rad­i­cal Xchange when I’ve finished read­ing Rad­i­cal Mar­kets and un­der­stand the ideas a bit bet­ter.

How­ever, I know peo­ple from EA have been re­luc­tant to share ideas via re­duc­tive means like news­pa­per ar­ti­cles as it doesn’t con­vey the nu­ances and things get skewed. So I’m ask­ing: do you think it’s worth me pur­su­ing this av­enue fur­ther? If it is, where do you think these skills could be ap­plied most effec­tively?

Thanks for read­ing!


p.s. I wrote this out twice as a Ques­tion but I couldn’t find the drafts again so I’m post­ing it as a reg­u­lar post. Hope that’s ok!