[Question] Can you recommend associations that deal with reducing suffering?

Hi everyone!

I’m looking for effective associations to donate to – in the field of reducing suffering, more then saving lives.

The problem that particularly bothers me is extremely suffering in the world, so I aim to focus on solutions to this problem. Unfortunately, EA’s rating for the various associations didn’t really help me because is focus mainly on saving lives.

I know associations that deal with animal welfare, But I would love to get to know a variety of associations that approach the problem of suffering from different directions. I also know associations that deal with NTD, but I couldn’t understand if their bottleneck right now is money.

Do someone know an effective and reliable association that focuses on reducing suffering in the world?

Thank you very much in advance!

PS: I’m new to the forum, and I was promised that my first posts would be cringe (what’s more, my English isn’t very good), so please be nice ;)

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