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Is it possible to create a postsuffering future where involuntary suffering no longer exists?

I’m in the International Suffering Abolitionists group and began the Wikipedia article eradication of suffering.

Misal­ign­ment Mu­seum opens in San Fran­cisco: ‘Sorry for kil­ling most of hu­man­ity’

Michael Huang4 Mar 2023 7:09 UTC
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How to ‘troll for good’: Lev­er­ag­ing IP for AI governance

Michael Huang26 Feb 2023 6:34 UTC
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40,000 rea­sons to worry about AI safety

Michael Huang2 Feb 2023 7:48 UTC
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NYT: Google will ‘re­cal­ibrate’ the risk of re­leas­ing AI due to com­pe­ti­tion with OpenAI

Michael Huang22 Jan 2023 2:13 UTC
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Na­ture: The im­por­tance of philan­thropy in sci­en­tific research

Michael Huang17 Jan 2023 3:43 UTC
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FTX’s col­lapse mir­rors an in­fa­mous 18th cen­tury Bri­tish fi­nan­cial scandal

Michael Huang22 Dec 2022 6:58 UTC
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[Ex­pired] $50 TisBest Char­ity Gift Card to the first 20,000 peo­ple who sign up

Michael Huang15 Dec 2022 20:57 UTC
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