How to find EA documents on a particular topic

I’ve of­ten found it very difficult to find EA doc­u­ments on a par­tic­u­lar topic. I had an epiphany a cou­ple of days ago when I re­al­ized that, well… you can just ask Google to do this for you. Since there may be other peo­ple who, like my pre­vi­ous self, have not yet re­al­ized this, I will ex­plain here how it works. It is very sim­ple: if you want, say, to learn about bees, you just type in the Google search bar some­thing like[1]

bees site:effec­tivealtru­ OR

The point is that you can spec­ify a set of web­sites to re­strict the search. On the ex­am­ple above the search is re­stricted to two web­sites, but more can be added, for in­stance:

bees site:effec­tivealtru­ OR OR site:ea­ OR site:open­philan­ OR OR site:an­i­malchar­i­tye­val­u­a­ OR site:globalpri­ori­tiesin­sti­

The list of web­sites can of course be ex­panded fur­ther. I now have a long list of web­sites in­clud­ing those above which I copy-paste to the search bar each time I want to look for some­thing in the EA sphere. All the other stan­dard tools to op­ti­mize a Google search re­main available, such as re­strict­ing the time range (us­ing the “Tools” menu), im­pos­ing a file type (by writ­ing, for in­stance, “file­type:pdf”), ex­clud­ing a word (by pre­ced­ing it with a minus sign), look­ing for images or videos only, etc.

Let me add to this that there are also very use­ful cu­rated lists of EA doc­u­ments sorted by topic at re­

I think it would be re­ally valuable if a web­site such as in­cluded a search form which would do some ver­sion of this. (In my opinion, the list of in­cluded web­sites should be quite long by de­fault, with an op­tion that al­lows to re­strict the search to a sub­set of web­sites cho­sen by the user.)

  1. A di­rect link to this search query can be cre­ated like this. ↩︎