[Question] Should we use wiki to improve knowledge management within the community?

TLDR: is there any rea­son EA com­mu­nity doesn’t ac­tively use wiki ap­proach? Or do I miss some­thing and it does?


Search­ing for “effec­tive al­tru­ism wiki” I mostly meet bro­ken links. Sev­eral years ago the an­nounce­ment was posted that wiki moves to EA Hub. None of the three links posted there works, but EA Hub has Pri­or­ity Wiki. How­ever Pri­or­ity Wiki is fo­cused only on cause pri­ori­ti­za­tion and is al­most empty know. So I’m won­der­ing, what hap­pened to the old EA Wiki? Were there any rea­sons for clos­ing it? What hap­pened to the knowl­edge pub­lished there? And, more broadly, why cre­at­ing a com­mon knowl­edge base is al­most (see be­low) never men­tioned as an im­pact­ful con­tri­bu­tion?(see be­low)


Dur­ing the last half year I was talk­ing a lot with peo­ple ex­plor­ing differ­ent EA op­tions (like me), and each of them performed some EA-re­lated re­search and shared some valuable in­for­ma­tion with me. So I’m sur­prised why such kind of knowl­edge isn’t gath­ered to­gether. Even gath­er­ing in­for­ma­tion about all or­ga­ni­za­tions re­lated to some topic is trou­bling: there are lots of them with differ­ent qual­ity and roles. Definitely, 80k does great job col­lect­ing it in the prob­lem pro­files. But wouldn’t it be more effi­cient (and effec­tive) to out­source this task to the com­mu­nity? Another ex­am­ple: just to­day I met two old EA lists (1, 2), which would be nice to have up­dated and open for con­tri­bu­tion.

In­deed, I’ve found that sev­eral years ago Vipul Naik was con­tribut­ing ac­tively to EA-re­lated ar­ti­cles on wikipe­dia. And ac­cord­ing to his page, he switched to timelines, which are mostly fo­cused on EA. More­over, Foun­da­tional Re­search In­sti­tute also pro­poses con­tribut­ing to wikipe­dia as one of the vol­un­teer­ing ac­tivi­ties.

But with all my re­spect to wikipe­dia, I think that hav­ing a lo­cal wiki would al­low to fo­cus on more ac­tion-re­lated top­ics in­stead of some gen­eral knowl­edge. And it would greatly sim­plify search­ing for such in­for­ma­tion and in­crease chances that the con­tent you write will be read by peo­ple with similar goals.

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