Binary prediction database and tournament

Ought has just launched a bi­nary pre­dic­tion database. You can cre­ate pub­lic and pri­vate ques­tions, filter and search, see your cal­ibra­tion, share sets of ques­tions, and pre­dict on other peo­ple’s ques­tions.

How you can use this

Here are some of the ways we’re ex­cited for peo­ple to use this:

Get quick feed­back from our rapidly re­solv­ing tournament

We’ve also launched a rapidly re­solv­ing fore­cast­ing tour­na­ment. All ques­tions re­solve within a week, so you can get quick feed­back to im­prove your fore­cast­ing. You’ll be able to see your cal­ibra­tion, and we’ll share scores. Pre­dict here be­fore the ques­tions close at 12am PST on Thu 11/​19!

Let us know what you think

We ex­pect the bi­nary database to evolve a lot over time, and would love to hear feed­back on how to make this most use­ful for you!

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