Candidate Scoring System, Fifth Release

Update: See CSS6, in comments below.

Report: https://​​​​b/​​s!At2KcPiXB5rkvgaVnrs4N3zyN6o6

Modeling: https://​​​​x/​​s!At2KcPiXB5rkvX-xJkfAYi4xHO6R


CSS5 marks the first time that a significant revision has been made over our previous recommendations. In CSS4 and earlier reports, Andrew Yang was rated positive but substantially below the recommended Democratic candidate Cory Booker. In this report, we have an approximate tie between Yang and Booker, and both are provided as recommended candidates. Two major changes caused this shift. First, we revised the weight of long-run animal issues to use a more direct estimate comparing animal population sizes and welfare to the global human population, as opposed to the previous method where we had a heuristic comparing animal farming to human issues based on the ratio of farm animals to humans living in the US. This heuristic neglected the direct impacts of many human-oriented policies on non-Americans and this caused animal issues to get too high of a weight by comparison. The second major change was a decrease in the weight given to work experience. This happened when my subjective assessments on the importance of qualifications were updated on the basis of a small survey of other EAs, who generally thought that work experience is less important than I believed it was.

To be clear, Yang was rated positively before just as now, only the relative priority has changed. With your input, the report can continue to grow more accurate. The topic weights are the most uncertain and sensitive parts of this report, and warrant continued critical examination. Due to our increased awareness of this issue we have also reduced the weight of the long-run category from 5 to 4.