Join EA Global: London as a virtual attendee

Wherever you are in the world, you can still be part of EA Global: London (October 29-31).

We’re no longer accepting applications for in-person attendees, but we’re excited to announce our free virtual attendee package, which includes:

  • A profile on the Swapcard event app, giving you access to:

    • Hundreds of profiles of other virtual attendees

    • Messaging and meeting scheduling with other virtual attendees

    • 50+ organisation profiles (including their latest research and jobs)

  • 24 virtual speed meeting sessions covering a range of cause areas and affinity groups

  • A virtual opening reception and after-party in Gather

  • The opportunity to interact with the live stream of our keynote sessions by:

    • Submitting and upvoting questions for speakers

    • Live text chat with other attendees

To attend the conference as a virtual attendee, you’ll need to submit an application by 8 am UTC on 28 October.

Apply now

EA Global conferences are for people who have made a career plan, volunteered, or donated a significant proportion of their income on the basis of effective altruist principles, either currently or in the past. Applicants should be quite familiar with the ideas of effective altruism and will need to provide an example of how they’ve applied these ideas to their career, study, or donation plans.

If you’re relatively new to effective altruism, you’re welcome to join us as a virtual attendee. The virtual environment is a good place to explore and practice the key ideas of effective altruism before attending an in-person conference.

If you have any questions, please contact us at