Rohin Shah

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Hi, I’m Rohin Shah! I work as a Research Scientist on the technical AGI safety team at DeepMind. I completed my PhD at the Center for Human-Compatible AI at UC Berkeley, where I worked on building AI systems that can learn to assist a human user, even if they don’t initially know what the user wants.

I’m particularly interested in big picture questions about artificial intelligence. What techniques will we use to build human-level AI systems? How will their deployment affect the world? What can we do to make this deployment go better? I write up summaries and thoughts about recent work tackling these questions in the Alignment Newsletter.

In the past, I ran the EA UC Berkeley and EA at the University of Washington groups.


Deep­Mind is hiring for the Scal­able Align­ment and Align­ment Teams

Rohin Shah13 May 2022 12:19 UTC
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